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Michael Omer has been involved in many outreach projects, and draws on a wide ranging experience in the field, especially as a result of his work with the London Mozart Players. An on-going relationship as ‘Composer-in-Association’ with orchestra led in 2009 to a major commission from them, in partnership with Turner Sims Concert Hall - ‘The Rages of the Ages’ - which had as its springboard, the ‘Mozart in Millbrook’ project. See Musical Works »

CONCERT PERFORMANCE The ‘Mozart in Millbrook’ project itself was based at Redbridge Community School in Southampton, and involved pupils, many of whom lived on the Millbrook Estate.

Using a range of styles including classically inspired sources, popular song, theatre musical and rap, Michael helped the students weave a rich and diverse twenty-minute original musical work, taking as its inspiration the reaction of an ‘out-of-time ‘visit by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to the Millbrook Estate.

The pupils became more and more involved in the creative process, over a three-month period, which was regularly punctuated with visits by orchestra members, composer Michael Omer, and Des from the band Stoner, who gave invaluable help with the rap elements, which were to have a major effect on the overall mix in the piece. The regional branch of the government-backed ‘Creative Partnerships’ also played a major role in coordinating financial and logistical resources.

BBC Television News shadowed the project and you can see a news report here:

Mozart in Millbrook
Mozart in Millbrook

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