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CD Albums

Sounds of Light Sounds of Light

Priced at £8.00+P&P

Unwritten, Unplugged & Unsigned Unwritten, Unplugged & Unsigned

Priced at £9.99+P&P

Sheet Music & Scores

Passing Through Birches   Sounds of Light: Passing Through Birches

Violin/Piano Parts - MPC1001 - Priced at £7.99+P&P

Chapel for Oboe Solo   Sounds of Light: Chapel for Oboe Solo

Part - MPC1003 - Priced at £4.99+P&P

Summer’s Peak   Sounds of Light: Summer’s Peak (Wind Quintet)

Full Score - MPC1004 - Priced at £11.99+P&P

Imagined Corners   Imagined Corners: Concerto for Trumpet & Symphony Orchestra

Trumpet/Piano Reduction - MPC1002 - Priced at £12.50+P&P

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