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Michael Omer’s output for the concert hall has been varied over recent years, and includes orchestral works, concertos and chamber pieces, along with works for choir and solo voice. Often written for particular soloists or performing groups in mind, they are all special and different, and draw on one or more topics for inspiration.

Space and the cosmos are often the starting point for ideas, giving rise to titles such as “Moving as the Restless Spheres” (violin concerto), “Little Star Began to Sing” (string orchestra), “To the Stars” (choir & brass).

‘Music to Picture’, whilst Michael’s regular employment in recent years in the commercial television & film sector, is also another source of inspiration for original musical works, this time fired by paintings - notably “Mulholland Drive”, depicting David Hockney’s epic 1980’s painting, and more recently three pieces to accompany specially created paintings by the Prague-based neo-impressionist artist Alexandr Onishenko. Premiered in an ‘exhibition’ context alongside the paintings, but not in a gallery setting, these works probe and evoke the many layers in Onishenko’s unique art.

As an active songwriter and lyricist, Michael has written numerous songs for musicals, television drama and jazz cabaret, and is often acerbically and wittingly commenting on the world around him!

Michael Omer is always happy to discuss new projects and commissions, for any instrumental or vocal combination. Please feel free to get in touch by clicking here. BUT FIRST, check out his music…

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